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A different vision

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When braking with a telescopic fork, it sinks even in the absence of shock and loses up to 80% of its damping capacity. The MOTION fork has been specially designed so as not to sink in when braking.
The MOTION chassis uses braking energy to automatically, instantly and accurately compensate for the forces (including mass transfer) that attempt to compress the fork.
The operation of the MOTION chassis is independent of the rider's weight and braking power. The frame is 100% mounted on Enduro bearings.

The anti-dive frame - 1st patent


The Wave © is the spring: a pulled composite blade that allows an ideal progressive compression curve. It fixes the heating problems of a shock absorber or a spring and frees us from any risk of leakage. In addition, the absence of friction  allows you to gain in comfort and grip. 

The Wave © guarantees you constant performance at all times.

The blade is adjusted according to the weight and the practice of the pilot simply by adjusting the pre-stress of the blade by pulling on it with a 6 Allen key: we then adjust the SAG. Simple and efficient !

The Wave - 2nd patent


The Flow © is a 100% in-house developed pulled oil shock absorber that uses  thru shaft, an integrated cooling system and a frictionless design.

A unique technology that brings many advantages

  • No floating piston: less parts and seals

  • No friction: more comfort and grip

  • Behaviour stays the same throughout a long descent

  • Manual adjustments for low speed rebound

  • No leakage due to atmospheric pressure chambers at both ends

  • You want to change your damper to have the latest? you just have to dismantle 2 screws and mount the new one!

The Flow - 3rd patent