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The Flow EVO, the latest MOTION product, is the most responsive and sensitive shock absorber on the market! Thanks to its integrated hydraulic stops, its atmospheric pressure, and its filtering piston, the Flow Evo brings you unequalled responsiveness .


Evo technology consists of physically and completely separating the elements that set the oil in motion from those responsible for dissipating energy.

This architecture allows unlimited optimization of hydraulic adjustment and the integration of new features that revolutionize the performance of the shock absorber.



Current shocks use end-of-travel buffers to handle the last few millimeters of rebound and compression. These buffers reduce the effective travel of the shock absorbers and therefore their performance. Moreover, they do not absorb the residual end-of-travel energy but restore it in part, which generates a rebound effect.  

Whatever the hits, the Progressive Hydraulic Stops allow the use of 100% of the travel and dissipate 100% of the residual energy. The gain in absorption capacity is considerable .  

Thanks to this perfect management of the end strokes, independent of the hydraulic adjustment, the pilot can now adjust the compression and rebound more finely.


We are all looking to improve the sensitivity of shock absorbers in order to increase their comfort and grip performance. This is what MOTION is revolutionizing with Atmospheric technology. But once the friction is removed, sensitivity comes up against another physical phenomenon: dynamics. The oil has a mass and therefore opposes a resistance to its movement. The higher the speeds (high frequency vibrations), the more this phenomenon increases. From a certain frequency, any shock absorber behaves like a rigid element and is no longer able to absorb shocks...  

We have the solution: the High Frequency Filter Piston . It's simple, above a certain frequency, the Piston “disconnects” and no longer transmits any oil movement. Now high frequencies can no longer be transmitted to the bike or rider. The filtration performance of our technology is literally endless! The gains in comfort and grip are considerable. 


Strong points

+ Possibility of independent adjustment of the 4 hydraulic channels (Allen key)

+ Continuous adjustment of the hydraulic support without tools (green wheel)

+ Atmospheric internal pressure combined with a bladder offering unrivaled sensitivity

+ 100% of the travel available thanks to the hydraulic stops

+ Ultralight spring available in many stiffnesses for a tailor-made fit

+ Pivoting hydraulic cartridge allowing better adaptation to a wider variety of frames





Blocking: On the shock absorber

Mounting Standard: Standard, Trunnion

Center distance / Stroke: 210 (185)/50 mm, 210 (185)/55 mm, 230 (205)/60 mm, 230 (205)/65 mm, 250(225)/70 mm, 250(225)/75 mm

2 years warranty

Practice: DH/Freeride, Enduro, All-mountain, Trail

Low Speed Compression Adjustment: Yes

High Speed Compression Tuning: Yes

Low Speed Rebound/Rebound Adjustment: Yes

High Speed Rebound/Rebound Adjustment: Yes

Preload adjustment: Yes

Spring Type: Coil

Réservation (4).png


The Flow Evo is in production and will be available in limited numbers.

You can now book it by filling out the form.

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