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Team Motion

Who are we  ?




"Engineer, scientist, sportsman, lover of our beautiful planet, eternal optimist and happy father of a large family, I created MOTION to share my values and my passions.

First of all, my passion for sports and cycling, but also for mechanics and more widely for physics, a science which, by revealing the reasons for the phenomena that surround us, allows us to imagine new concepts and to create true innovation.

Because yes, it is indeed the innovation the soul of MOTION.

The "real" innovation, the one that pushes us away from preconceived ideas and prejudices, the one that challenges us, that pushes us to surpass ourselves, to evolve, to build, to discover...

Innovation is for me a technical and human adventure that motivates me more and more every day and makes me happy to "work". My mountain biking experience: X-Country on a Canyon Lux equipped with an E18+ in 140mm



Mechanical engineer and production manager

"Sportsman and passionate about motorsports, when the opportunity to join the Motion team presented itself to me, it seemed obvious to me. Motion is above all a dynamic and united team that shares the same fundamental values such as respect, communication, surpassing oneself. We have real freedom to innovate and create, which allows us to have maximum motivation and involvement in the development of all Motion products. "



Workshop manager

"Working at Motion is a dream come true. Since I was a teenager, I knew that I wanted to work in mechanics and cycling, first by passing a DUT for the practical side, then by going to engineering school for the theoretical aspect. For me these two aspects are very important to be able to innovate and develop products that work. This is a theory that I apply every day, alternating between the design phase in the office and the realization of prototypes in the workshop. My mountain bike experience: Enduro with a Giant Trans 27.5 with an E18 in 150mm.



Marketing communications manager

I joined the MOTION adventure in September 2021 as communication and marketing manager. If you contact us, there is a great chance that I will be the one to answer you :). As a general engineer, I wanted to broaden my skills and when the opportunity arose to join the Motion team, I jumped! My mountain biking experience: All mountain with a scott e-genius with an E18+ in 140mm.



Responsible for testing and testing

After a school career in sport study, combining the practice of mountain biking in competition and engineering studies, I had the opportunity to join the team. Motion is a true center of innovation in the field of cycles and suspension. Our involvement in the transition to soft mobility gives meaning to my work, which is all the more motivating.
My MTB practice: Enduro Giant reign  E18 +

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