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"La City" and the Flow EVO: two new products from Motion for spring

A few weeks ago, we told you about two products that are destined to become the flagship of Motion: La City and the Flow EVO

Focus on these two new products that expand our range and your mobility possibilities.

La City

Remember, the City is THE ideal suspension for urban environments thanks to the torque link© solution that optimizes the position, layout and number of suspension parts, allowing significant gains in terms of weight, reliability and integration.

La City can be adapted to your wishes, to make your urban travel an irreplaceable experience of comfort: :

  • 40 mm of travel,

  • pulled leaf spring (spring rate automatically adjusts to rider weight),

  • anti-dive,

  • maintenance free.

We are launching the pre-orders! Cycling professionals, contact us to be the first to benefit from this advanced technology. It is possible to buy the frame with the internals, or the internals alone. Two alternatives to bring an answer to your needs.

Delivery is scheduled in September for all orders placed soon. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any further information!

Flow Evo

The flow evo is the high-tech MTB shock absorber: it is the only shock absorber on the market with atmospheric pressure and double progressive hydraulic stops.

The result? A very reactive and sensitive shock absorber, using 100% of the travel for unequalled comfort and grip thanks to the high frequency filtration.

Motion provides a maximum of accessible settings:

  • low speed rebound,

  • low speed compression,

  • high speed rebound,

  • high speed compression,

  • continuous adjustment of hydraulic support without tools.

To make your experiences unforgettable, the Flow EVO also features:

  • Atmospheric internal pressure combined with a bladder offering unmatched sensitivity,

  • 100% of the travel available thanks to the double progressive hydraulic stops,

  • an ultra-light spring available in a wide range of stiffnesses for a custom fit,

  • a pivoting hydraulic cartridge allowing a better adaptation on a larger variety of frames.

An exceptional product, an exceptional launch: currently being manufactured in limited numbers, the Flow EVO can be booked without obligation to buy before its delivery at the end of summer 2022. Go here to fill out the form.

Motion, engineering at the forefront of the bicycle industry.

Today, the electrically-assisted bicycle is making a major breakthrough on the market: by 2025 (that's tomorrow!), one million of them should be sold...per year! The cargo bike is not to be outdone, since the needs are estimated at 300,000 units within 5 years.

So Motion is also focusing its engineering on these future segments in order to bring more innovation and improvement to your cycling practices.

In November 2021, Motion took part in conferences with MP Guillaume Gouffier-Cha, who has since submitted a report on the bicycle economy in France. These meetings, organized by Cara Active Mobility, allowed for multiple exchanges on the need to develop and structure the bicycle industry.

We are proud to have contributed to this report and to be part of these new mobility systems that meet the economic, climatic and social challenges of our time.

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