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Newsletter October 2021

The Motion newsletter is back

18 months have passed…18 months of Covid, 18 months without a newsletter, 18 months of progress for Motion. The company has done more than resist this global crisis, it has grown, redeployed. These 18 months have been refocused on engineering.

We are scrapping the communication but now the team has expanded and we really want to make you discover through this newsletter our latest innovations, our latest products, our latest ideas, in a word : the signature of our company.


Motion : engineering for the future

With Covid, the whole bicycle market has exploded, and we're not going to complain. It's a golden opportunity for us to continue to develop new solutions for new and expanding companies. At Motion, we're not interested in rehashing old ideas: our passion is to solve problems, without preconceived ideas, without looking at what's already being done, but by looking for new answers and innovation. We imagine, we solve, we plan, we develop, we manufacture, in short, we think, we master and we design our technologies from the moment they germinate in our minds until they are presented to you. This link with the customer is the culmination of our actions, which gives meaning to our approach to supporting the mobility of tomorrow.


The E18+ fork at a competitive price

This resumption of our communication is the occasion to announce the destocking of our last E18+ forks. We are now turning to the deployment of other engineering solutions, and this sale is an opportunity for you to acquire this successful anti-dive technology combining design, confidence and comfort at a lower price. The latest models are up for grabs at a price of 960 euros including VAT in three colors. Our packaging supplier having suffered a little from the health crisis, you will receive your fork in a conventional case, but without compromising on the protection and quality of your purchase.


Our events

Because our activity takes its full meaning when it comes to you, we were present at the "rencontres de la filière vélo" show on September 27th in Lyon for a day dedicated to regional actors. This event was an opportunity to present our design office, as well as our engineering and prototyping capabilities. We also took advantage of this day to present our ideal suspension for the city, La City, which was very well received.

We will also be present at the Roc d'Azur: we will not have a stand, but you will be able to admire our great teams in action on the races!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Our newsletter is now published on a monthly basis, so let's meet in November for more Motion news!

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