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Newsletter of December 2021

Last months : 100% engineering

During the last few months, Motion team has been working especially on engineering studies. All our efforts and energy have been directed towards the development contracts in progress. In accordance with the MOTION's spirit, we are working with major companies in the bike industry, but not only...

All this seems a bit abstract to you? How does engineering work?

First of all, the customers give us their specifications. We design solutions that meet their requirements. When the best ideas have taken root and come to fruition, we produce a 3D model and then a prototype in our workshop in Villefranche.

We use 3D printing. Why do we do this? Because this is the only way to realize the real size, to evaluate the interferences with the annex systems, the basic mechanical functioning and finally, to check that it can be assembled !

Last step, the passage in the real world: an authentic prototype is manufactured. It can be made of different materials: from aluminum to carbon, passing by Teflon, polyurethane or any other material needed... Several choices of materials, several ways to realize the first functional tests in an optimal way.

We can't wait to tell you more, but you should already know that products based on Motion technology will be released in 2022-2023, so stay informed and connected, you'll know more soon!

A dynamic and energetic test center in the heart of the workshop

Our workshop was already a big one, as it had its own test center for our blades (if you want to know more, have a look at the patent wave).

Now we're adding another string to its bow: we can now test all our frames in-house.

This extension allows us to check our prototypes according to demanding standards, those of our specifications and the ISO 4210 standard, which requires two types of tests, static and dynamic.

For our customers, this is the guarantee of a state-of-the-art control, which leaves nothing to chance.

Focus on our patent : torque link©

We would like to take advantage of the communication format offered by this newsletter to present one of our patents each month. This month, we unveil the new patent, freshly registered at the INPI: the torque link.

We are very proud of it, and you will understand why!

The torque link © allows to manage the braking torque of a mono-pivot suspension. In concrete terms, the link diverts the braking forces so that they do not affect the suspension compression.

The result? A device that optimizes the position, layout and number of suspension parts, resulting in significant gains in terms of mass, reliability, production cost and integration.

E18+ : this is your last chance !

The last E18+ forks, the diehards, are now available in only one travel: the 140 mm.

If you hesitate, you should know that this suspension can be mounted on mtb/e-mtb with a tapered steerer tube and 27,5" wheels (recommended minimum tire width of 2.8") or 29" wheels. You have all the information you need to make the best choice!

In our next newsletter, you will learn more about our next showcase product.

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