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Newsletter of February 2022

Start of production!

"La city" : start of production !

"La city" ? We had already talked to you about this suspension imagined and designed by Motion. Single-arm suspension, with unequalled reactivity and comfort thanks to its patented pulled blade and torque link technologies, is now in production and will be available this summer.

Maintenance free, it is designed to make life easier and to make mobility in the city more efficient, lighter and more enjoyable.

Cycling professionals, do you want real added value for your city bikes? You want to be the first to benefit from this innovation? Contact us now to optimize your urban cycling solutions.

"La City" test compared to a city bike without suspension


Focus on our patent : pulled blade technology

This month, we are presenting the patent: pulled blade ©.

Imagine a progressive, lightweight, compact spring that is unaffected by temperature change or heating. Imagine that this ideal spring has no mechanical parts that rub or wear and therefore requires no maintenance.That's what MOTION's pulled blade technology makes possible!

This technology has been used in our enduro suspensions since 2018 and is now used in our city suspension, La City.

Our technology adapts to any travel, any constraints, and any behavior (more or less progressive) thanks to the variation of profiles and materials used.

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